It's ten years since we started the ministry so weare celebrating.  Our second children's home will open in DK Patnam in July this year so more work and more kids to get involved with.  We are looking forward to thisbut at the moment it is building work.  Always a trial andIndian builders are much the same as anywhere else.  Always a little slower than you would like and fail to turn up at the time they said they would.  Howeverwe are on track to open in July. 


Celebrate with isand look at what we have done in the last 10 years

My Monsoon Pictures



Some of my monsoon pictures click to change them.  We enjoy this season because its the only time we see rain all year.



Public Holidays Galore

I am always astounded by the number of days things are closed here.  Public holidays amount to about 53 per year.  This means there are some months with days and days when nothing happens.  We choose not to give all the holidays to our school but for those who attend government schools from September through to November there are lots of days off.  We have had so far since September 9 days of Elephant God festival, 14 days of Dussehra, Muharram, Deewali,  Gandhi's Birthday, Nag Panchami, Govardhan Puja, Naraka Chaturdasi, Bhai Duj, Surya Sashthi,Guru Bahadur's Martyrdom Day.  This of course is the list I have but it is probably incomplete.  It does make for the challenge of trying to work school timetables out to fit in necessary exams etc.  It's also the season where the disciples of Ayapann (Son of Kali Goddess of Destruction) do their 60 days of puja and although this is not a public holiday they do camp out in a great crowd at the village temple and make a colossal din from 3.30am every morning for 60 days before they all go off to some temple.  We call them the black god people as for the duration of their puja they wear all black clothing and no sandals.  They leave their home for the period and so congregate in temples or halls and are supposed to eat no meat or drink or smoke.  However a few do drift up the lane to near us for a quick fag and some alcohol whilst no one is watching.  For me they always look evil, dressed all in black with strange white and red paint on their foreheads.  They never smile just stare out of rather black looking eyes.


Building work

We started building on the campus on 2 January 2007 and so far have not really stopped.  From building various churches around the area to doing things on the campus it seems to never end.  I suspect builders are the same the world over, disappearing for days whilst they hover over more jobs than can reasonably be done.  They always seem to take longer than planned and make more of a mess than is necessary - well to me.  We have builders in the house at the moment which is always a challenge to anyone but here what they can do whilst you are not looking is the daily challenge.  Nothing here is done properly and they have no idea about the standards we are used to in the western world.  Quite often they arrive with no tools and you have to buy your own so they can do the job.  Fortunately we have no problem with tools although for me how much mess they make is the worst thing.  In a few days the painters will arrive.  I usually think it would be better if I did it myself.  They have no comprehension that gloss paint should not be put on so thickly it all runs and drips onto the floor.  Any plug sockets, switches or handles are just painted over!!  It usually takes me longer to put it all right than it did for them to paint it all.  I am hoping I have time to just do it myself.


I finished my new book

Well I finally did it.  Got everything uploaded this week to Amazon so now its available on kindle or paperback.  "Finding the Place Where God Speaks." It seems to have taken ages and I had lots of irritating problems with uploading but finally succeeded so please take a look.  The book came about because I so often hear people either saying they have never had God speak to them or if they think He did how can they be sure it was Him?   At times some people seem to make the most alarming proclamations of what they believe God has said to them only to be proved wrong later.  The book seeks to explain how you can make sure you heard God and how to properly discern the difference for yourself.