Make a difference by giving.

All our projects receive 100% of the sums given.  We do not employ anyfund raisers or advertising staff for our work.    We believe thatwhen a person gives all that money should go to the project.


Children 1

We take some of the poorest children and seek to improve their future through education.

All our children attend our English Medium school to give them the best chance of success in the future.

We take children from the ages of 4-16.  The live on our campus at Kuntinivasala village and attend our campus school.  We also continue to support the most able of children through college as well.

Church Building and Evangelism 2

We are constantly preaching the Gospel in untouched rural villages in Andhra Pradesh.  Our ministry area has 200 + villages that have never even heard the name of Jesus Christ.

Wemake mission trips to these areas as well as to the remote forest areas to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Once   a need arises weseek to establish a place of worship for believers by building churches and supporting pastors.

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Educational Support 3

Once our children progress to college we seek for sponsors to help with the enormous costs.  We look for people who are willing to givefor a period of 3-4 years to support a young person through their college education.

We also look to improve the quality of education we offer to our children.  We have a constant need to improve school facilities by adding books to our library, updating computers and providing science equipment.